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Available for Nokia N900.

Now I never forget to take my ginkgo pills.
~ Grandpa


  • Create tasks at specific time

    Not much of a killer feature, but we have to start somewhere, right? ;) This is a standard feature found in calendars, alarms and similar systems. Nothing much to see here, carry on.

  • Start counting from activation time

    Wouldn't it be simply awesome to be reminded in 15 minutes or 4 hours from NOW? Without a need to do complex calculations (what time is 93 minutes after 23:14)?

    Now you can define a task that will start counting when you activate it. Need an example? Stop Pictionary in 2 minutes. Wake me up in 25 minutes. Remind me to call a client after my one hour meeting or extend your pay-by-phone parking. There are many more and you'll probably find some interesting and useful ones too.

  • Define templates

    Don't you "love" when you have to create similar tasks again and again every few days, but they're not repeating regularly so adding a classic repetition would be too confusing? Wouldn't it be great if you could make some kind of template that you can just activate when you need it?

    Done! Every task you create is a template in itself and you activate and deactivate it when needed.

  • Complex repetitions

    "Repeat every day bla bla bla" ... OK, everyone has this. But would you like to be reminded on Monday and Wednesday every other week or every second Thursday in a month?

    Now you can. Never miss your yoga class, Friday tweetup or a book club gathering again.

  • Multiple alarms for a single task

    Sometimes you have more than one action you would like to associate with a single task. For example, remember to take a book with you before you leave home and give it to your colleague after the class. Create one task called "Return the book" at 9:00 (that's the time the class starts), but add the first alarm at 8:00 with a description "Take the book" and the second alarm at 9:45 with a description "Find the colleague".

    That way there is no way to forget any of these items. And they are all neatly grouped together.


GOM screenshot GOM screenshot GOM screenshot GOM screenshot GOM screenshot GOM screenshot GOM screenshot GOM screenshot GOM screenshot


When GOM was first presented as a concept on one mobile challenge, the name of the concept was Ginkg-o-minder. You can guess why.

This was too long to write regularly, we have started to abbreviate it to GOM. The name stuck and the rest is history.


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